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Post by EricCantona on Tue 24 Mar 2015 - 22:33

Ig Name: EricCantona
Previous Clans: AXAIOI (co-leader)
Reasons for leaving: Clan is dead.
Class: Dreadnought 83 / Bladedancer 75 / Gladiator 75 / Shillen Knight 52 + in progress
Gear: IC set / Draco set (sealed... lf BOM) / MJ hv set / Tallum hv set / 2 x Saint Spear (Health) + (Haste ... lf BOM Very Happy) / Draconic Bow (Focus) / TTS set / AQ ring
Prime Time: I work 8:00-15 but when I'm not busy there I can play / 18:00 - 3:00 usually online /
Why Do you Wanna Join Us: Beside beeing farmer class I have pvp spirit and this is what I like in Pokedex.
Can You Use Ts? : Yes
Can you follow strict orders?: Yes
Hablas Inglesh Amigo? : No

I know u dont recruit solo players but I want to try anyway. I'm open to join any CP or just replace any DD in any CP when he is offline. I could also help with aoe farm whereever u need. As a good famer I offer powerlvl for new players / subclasses or any clan member who needs it. But still and always pvp > pve


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